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Rediscover your prime with hormone optimization.

Are you a proud survivor of more than 30 laps around the sun, yet find yourself wrestling with the merciless grip of hormonal imbalances?

Have your days become marred by chronic fatigue, mood roller coasters, and night-time tossing and turning?

Are you secretly mourning the loss of your sculpted body and the sizzle in your sex drive?

Has the sparkle in your quality of life started to dim?

Listen up, my friend.

You’re in the same boat with millions of other men who’ve been told that these symptoms are the inevitable admission fee to the ‘over 30’ club.

But here’s a rebellious thought: Who says you have to age according to the rule book?

Your energetic, vibrant self doesn’t have to be a dusty memory tucked away in the attic of the past.

Enter LifeXMD – your sanctuary where we put your health and vigor on a pedestal.

We’re passionate about helping you seize back your zest for life and equilibrium through our carefully curated, secure, and high-impact hormone replacement therapies.

Our seasoned squad boasts a wealth of experience that stretches over decades.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all remedies – your unique body deserves a tailored approach.

We’re not just another TRT Clinic, we’re your co-pilots on this exhilarating journey towards reclaiming a healthier, more dynamic life.

Strap in and let’s get started.

Fill this out and I’ll be in touch:

Very easy process with knowledgeable people. They are always available to help guide you through the process.

Chris & Christy Bell

Great communication. Thorough with program information and helping me get back on track. Justin is amazing! I’m glad that I found LifeXMD!

Scott Bradley

Justin and his staff have been great to work with. Very fast, friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend LifeXMD to anyone looking for TRT services

David Beavers

Great staff always on top of it LifeXMD never disappoints meds aways on time some of the best service I’ve gotten. DT is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful not to mention one hell of a guy!!

Eric Hidalgo

The LifeXMD team is great to work with. They are incredibly knowledgeable and take the time to listen and explain the personalized plan designed for you. I’ve seen an incredible boost in energy and overall well being since implementing a program.

John Sargent

The whole team at Life XMD is top notch. Justin helped me get everything dialed in and my health on perfect track. Thank you so much!

Grayson Miller

LifeXMD has helped me find and correct underlying heath issues through optimal hormone balancing and proper lifestyle changes that have had a massive life improving impact for me. There professionalism and quality of care shows in there work and effort to help in anyway they can.

Nick Antico

Justin and his team have been great to work with. They make this an easy process and I feel great! Truly a professional and one of the best at getting your hormones where they need to be for living an optimal life

Kyle Payne

DT has been great. Smooth processing, great communication, very knowledgeable. This is way better than the clinic I was going to before.

Cody Peterson

Great company. I was referred to LifeX through a friend and this has been a great experience. I have had major gut issues for 7 years and I swear this peptide therapy has changed everything for the better.

Shaun Slade

Been with LifeXMD a little over a year now and it has been a great experience this far. Justin is great with getting back to me regarding questions, and always there to accommodate any special needs I have.

Matt Priess

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

After you fill out the form above, we’ll reach out to discuss your goals. After that it’s just about filling out health history form, doing some lab work and getting a physical. Hard part is done. After that we’ll do a tele-consult/lab review and expedite the goodies right to your door 🎁

When you join the LifeXMD family, you gain a support system that’s got your back 24/7. First, we’ll never try to upsell you for anything you don’t need. Second, we set up your therapy based around your goals. Third, we provide you with vital medical expertise, comprehensive treatment programs, and attentive support whenever you need it. To ensure you receive the highest quality services and top-notch products, we only work with the highest quality, accredited compound pharmacies. No bullshit!

Is hormone therapy safe?

Yes, many studies have shown that hormone therapy is safe when administered in the correct dosage and monitored by a qualified physician.

How soon after starting my TRT protocol will I notice changes and what will those changes be?

Some patients begin to feel the effects immediately. In general, we ask that you give the plan between 4-6 weeks for best results.

What are my monthly costs of your TRT program?

Monthly plans can start from as low as $300 per month for total hormonal optimization*. It’s important to understand that each protocol is tailored to each patients specific needs and objective. We have programs that are affordable to most everyone’s budget. We also feel it’s hard to place a dollar amount on someone’s health. My question to you is how much is your health worth?

How long should I stay on TRT?

Ideally Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a lifetime commitment. We are replacing your hormone levels to their optimal ranges, and if you chose to discontinue your therapy, and stop the therapy, your levels will return to the baseline levels at the time of your initial lab work, before any hormone optimization and you’ll feel just like you do right now.

Will I still be fertile on TRT and be able to start a family?

Yes. Most of our patients were able to conceive while staying on TRT. In some rare cases we do additional medications if a hardship occurs. Please let one of our expert medical professionals know the time frame of when you’d like to start a family so they can assist with that objective.

What if I need to cancel?

No problem! We’ll be sad to see you go 😭. If you pre-paid for your treatment, you can stop at any time. If you are on a monthly plan just let us know before the next billing cycle.